Rating control for Windows Phone 7.5

Long evenings at hotels can be strangely productive time, and last night I started to think that there is no simple and lightweight star rating control available (I know only one, but it’s a big too big for my taste).

It has two properties, Rating and Scale. With Rating you can set or get the current rating and with Scale you can set what scale you want there to be (for example 1-5 stars, you would give Scale the value of 5). It does still lack the production code level error checking, so if you consider using it, better add some try catches. Here’s the file:


You are free to edit and use and it commercial or non commercial, as long as you leave the assemblyinfo intact and use it through my library.

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Windows developer who's been working on Microsoft Platforms since 1996. Windows Phone dev MVP 2013, Windows Development Platform MVP 2014. Currently working as Technical Evangelist for Microsoft Finland Developer Experience team.
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  2. c0x3y says:

    One word – awesome. Thanks for the code and keep up the good work. You saved me loads of time.

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