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There’s been quite many people asking me Windows 10 development questions and how to do certain things in new UWP apps. Obvious answer would have been or but instead I decided to just put up my own list of best resources that I have found so far. I plan to update this list as new material surfaces, so you would have always up-to-date list of pre-screened materials of the highest quality. Without further delay, here’s my favorite Win 10 dev links:

Developer’s Guide to Windows 10 is the best crash course for Windows 10, highly recommended as a starting point for anyone planning to start developing apps on Windows 10 family of products.

Windows Universal App Samples is a github repository with all Microsoft official Windows 10 samples for you to check out how to implement correctly Win 10 features in your own app.

How-to guides are perfect step by step guides for more entry level developers to start implementing features Win 10 to your apps.

Stackoverflow UWP tag is a good place to post your questions if you don’t find any answers to your questions or if you want to check out if someone else has had the same issue and managed to solve it. Quite obvious place, but I have fetched the answers to problems presented to me so many times that I think it’s still worth mentioning.

Dot Net By Example is a blog run by Windows Development Platform MVP, Joost Van Schaik, who is beside being a great guy, also mapping wizard, so that’s the place where I check first when I have any issues related to mapping on Windows. He has also some great IOT posts in his blog.

Windows 10 Design guidelines is where you should take a look before deciding on your application’s UX. Although you are pretty free to do whatever you want, it still might give you some great tips what works best on multiple screen sizes and resolutions.

Windows 10 Tutorials is really simple step by step series of blog posts to do many of the Windows features such as tiles, notifications, media player and toasts for example.

Here’s a list of blogs/posts/tweets for certain specific scenarios in app development:
Back Button in Windows 10
Playing sounds

Hosted web apps:

What are the things need to take in consideration when packaging a website
Project Westminster in a nutshell
Building simple Hosted Web Apps
ManifoldJS Quick Start
ManifoldJS getting started

How to handle back button
Can be done in JS on page ex, example
Using ManifoldJS to get more out of web sites

How to handle opening links, that they will open up inside your app and not in the browser
Handling opening links 1
Handling opening links 2

Hybrid elements, for example using native map component to show positions in the map
Packaged vs Hosted
Windows Apis sample

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  1. Ather says:

    Thank you thank you Ali Naqvi! I dont know how many posts I’ve hunted thguorh about customizing XAML appbar buttons where the response was the WinJS label property

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