Format your date in Universal app according to user preferences

With the new Universal app model, many things have changed, and there’s very little documentation available to find out how you need to address certain things in the new app model. One of those things is formatting your date according to the region settings chosen by the user. CultureInfo is no longer recommended class to be used, and if you tried to dig out yourself the chosen regional format, you might have found it to be quite difficult in cases where user has chosen to use different language (en-US) and different regional settings, for example de or fi.

It’s pretty easy still, only figuring it out where to find that info is not. So here’s the codeblock which formats datetime according to the chosen regional setting:

DateTime date = DateTime.Now;
GeographicRegion userRegion = new GeographicRegion();
var userDateFormat = new Windows.Globalization.DateTimeFormatting.DateTimeFormatter("shortdate",new [] {userRegion.Code});
var dateDefault = userDateFormat.Format(date);

We use the GeographicRegion to get the chosen region, and then we create DateTimeFormatter according to that culture, which we use to format the date on the last line. Hope this snippet helps you!

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