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I’ve been a working with Microsoft mobile platforms since 2005, and on Microsoft platforms in general since 1996. I’ve got several MCPs on .NET, WPF, Windows Mobile, SQL Server, ASP.NET etc. I was Windows Phone development MVP 2013 and Windows Development Platform MVP 2014. I was Chief Editor for Lumia Development Library 2013-2014, creating the samples and documentation for Nokia/Microsoft Mobile Lumias.

Currently I work for Microsoft Finland as Technical Evangelist, focusing on Windows Development Platform.

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  1. asad says:

    Hello hope you are fine and doing good. I am making a game using your tutorial “How to make windows store game”. You implemented in this way that enemies are coming from top to bottom, I want it other way around, I want that should come from right to left. I tried my best to make it happen. But didn’t get success. Can u please help me to sort out this problem.

    Thank You

  2. Hi, you would need to change Move -method in Bobo.xaml.cs file, so that the Location.X and Y are switched around (Velocity and Move would be switched around). You would also need to change the add calculations to subtractions, as you would be going the x axis toward the zero when going from right to left and see that when they reach zero, you would put them back to the screen width.

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