Preparing for 70-521 transition test..

For me, panic is the best motivator 🙂 Lately had to brush up my WPF/EF/WCF skills trying to prepare for the upgrade test for the MCPD Windows Developer (that I’m about to take tomorrow morning…)

Kind of learned several new things – no matter how long you have worked with some framework, it really pays up to pick up a book on the subject and read from the basics. There’s always something you haven’t realized before or find a new way to use some classes.

I guess the same goes with the Windows Phone. After tomorrow I probably pick up Charles Petzolds excellent e-book ( and just read it through and see if I’ll be enlightened 🙂


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Windows developer who's been working on Microsoft Platforms since 1996. Windows Phone dev MVP 2013, Windows Development Platform MVP 2014. Currently working as Technical Evangelist for Microsoft Finland Developer Experience team.
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