How to call your app

With yesterdays announcements at BUILD, there were some new terms introduced along with the new app models. I thought they were a bit mouthful, so I decided to draw this small chart to help you easily figure out what is what.


First we have the apps build with the traditional, Silverlight -based classic Windows Phone app model apps. If you you target 8.0 they’re called Windows Phone Silverlight 8.0 apps, and if you target WP 8.1 then they’re Windows Phone Silverlight 8.1 apps.

If you are creating Windows Phone Store apps, depending on your choice of technology, they’re either Windows Phone Store apps using XAML /HTML.

Interestingly we don’t make the difference when we talk about Windows Store apps for Windows, but refer to them generally as Windows Store apps.

Lastly there are the Universal Windows apps, which are build with the shared project tooling targeting both Windows and Windows Phone.

Hope that cleared some of the confusion!

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Windows developer who's been working on Microsoft Platforms since 1996. Windows Phone dev MVP 2013, Windows Development Platform MVP 2014. Currently working as Technical Evangelist for Microsoft Finland Developer Experience team.
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