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Connect Arduino to Raspberry via USB to read serial data

ShareOkay, first of all, this thing has been made way too complicated in the official samples, where they require you to get USB to TTL cables or similar, when all you really need is the product id and vendor id, … Continue reading

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Using Cognitive Services with Xamarin Forms

ShareI did a talk at DotNext conference about this and thought I share the demo here as well. In this demo we’ll create simple Xamarin Forms app for Android and UWP, camera and add the Cognitive Services Emotion and Computer … Continue reading

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Connect SensorTag CC2650 to Azure IOT Hub

ShareI needed to create a demo showing the most simple way to get some sensor data to IOT Hub and I thought sharing the code might be helpful to someone else as well. This app is divided to two parts, … Continue reading

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Figuring out your if your app is run on Phone, Tablet or Desktop

ShareOne would think that it’s easy to figure out the answer to header above. If you’ve ever tried that, I think you most likely have become extremely frustrated when you realized that there are just too many combinations and it … Continue reading

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How to make a Windows Store game with C# and XAML, part 5

ShareIn this mini post we’ll be finally adding some sounds to our game. You will need to have some sound effects added to your Assets -folder. You need one for laser shooting and one for enemy hit sound. One place … Continue reading

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